Covid-19. Fires. Floods. Rainfall. Weather Forecast. Electricity, Gas & Water Outages. Road & Ferry Incidents. Traffic Cameras. Emergency News & Social Feeds.
1,750,000+ residents served
40+ councils engaged
350,000+ page views
Covid-19. Covid case numbers, heat map and test centre locations.
Source: Dept. of Health
Fires. Emergency warnings, watch & act alerts and advice.
Source: Rural Fire Service
Floods & Rainfall. Flood levels, rainfall data, waterways data and dam storage levels.
Source: Manly Hydraulic Labs, Public Works Advisory
Weather Forecast. 7 day weather forecast that includes temperature, precipitation and UV index.
Source: Bureau of Meteorology
Outages. Current, planned and upcoming power, gas & water outages.
Source: Ausgrid, Local Council and related authorities
Traffic Incidents. Vehicle crashes, roadworks, traffic congestions, out of ferry services and traffic cameras video feeds.
Source: Road and Maritme Services, Local Council
Emergency News. Local emergency news and alerts.
Source: Local Council
Radio. Embed emergency radio streaming services such as ABC radio.
Source: Local Council
Social Feeds. Embed aggregated Facebook & Twitter feeds from local authorities such as SES and RFS.
Air Quality. Monitoring AQI and other particles such as PM2.5, PM10, O3, O2 and others.
Source: Bureau of Meteorology
Network Problems. Connectivity issues with common providers such as Telstra, NBN and Vodafone reported by public.
Source: Downdetector
Shark Sightings. Tagged, aerial and public reports of shark sightings and incidents nearby local beaches.
Source: SharkSmart
School Closures. Information on schools that have temporarily ceased operations due to various emergencies or incidents.
Source: Education NSW
Earthquakes. Mapped recent earthquakes with details on magnitude and seismograms.
Source: Geoscience Australia
Beach Conditions. Water and weather conditions with swimming safety advice for local beaches.
Source: Office of Environment & Heritage
SES Advice. Emergency notices issued by SES NSW based on data from BOM Australia.
Source: SES NSW, BOM Australia
Vaccination Clinics. Map of COVID-19 Vaccination clinics with working hours and additional details.
Source: Health Direct
More. We are looking to integrate more useful feeds. Give us your suggestions.
Software As A Service
Realtime feeds & alerts deliver most up to date information.
99.9% uptime. Hosted in Azure across multiple datacentres within Australia.
Microsoft Azure ecosystem and data transfers over HTTPS/TLS gurantees high security.
Progressive web app: fast delivery & resilient across low connectivity.
Secure CMS. Manage content, menu, colors and other dashboard configurations with ease.
Google Analytics. View how people engage with your dashboard. What pages they view, what devices, browsers they use and more.
Support & Documentation. Technical support and comprehensive easy-to-use documentation are available.
Light Version. Fast loading HTML & CSS only version to support low connectivity network and legacy browsers/devices.
Push Notifications. Receive real-time web push notifications for major updates to stay up-to-date
Incident Report. Ability for visitors to report an incident that is not available from feeds. Reports are moderated.

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An emergency management platform designed to provide emergency data and updates from a single point of reference to be easily accessed by residents.

It can be used by all councils including shire, regional and state councils.

If you are dealing with reporting of any emergency incidents and events, whether internal to your organisation or publicly to local residents, the emergency dashboard presents a huge amount of value in automating and centralising all relevant data to help save time and costs.

The dashboard is best viewed using Google Chrome, however Firefox, Opera and Safari are also supported. The dashboard may not open correctly in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, but this is currently being addressed. The dashboard is mobile responsive and has been tested with iOS and Android devices.

To protect your users' privacy we use SSL encryption. We rely on Azure and Google services which are not only secure but also fast, reliable and scalable. Our dashboards are also built with the latest versions of Angular and Nest.js, we make sure to keep up-to-date as new features and security patches are being rolled out.

Full interactive version is not supported in IE, however we provide light* version which does not uses any JavaScript and intended to have fast loading times on low connectivity networks, legacy browsers and devices.

*Light version has limited features and simplified interface.

We ship our dashboards as Progressive Web Apps, meaning they open like any other website but can be installed on device. After installation it can run offline* but will display working that data is outdated. *Assuming all website assets (styles and scripts) have had sufficient time to be downloaded over the network.

By integrating with existing data sources across government agencies like NSW Rural Fire Service and State Emergency NSW, we're able to reflect the latest data in real-time. Given this is emergency data which can be extremely time sensitive, we always strive to present the most updated information. * A delay of up to 10 minutes may apply due to caching and server performance management and optimisation

We only source and channel data from reliable sources like official government agencies, which are accredited and certified.

Yes. Once you sign up with us and settle first payment we give you access to YouTrack – a system that we use to manage tickets (support requests). If you encounter any issues just open a ticket in YouTrack or call us directly. We aim to fix any major bugs within 1-2 business days, however duration may vary on complexity of the bugs. Note, development of new features can take longer estimated duration will be provided with a quote.

Contact us in the form below and we will respond within 1 – 2 business days to address your questions, discuss quotation and provide any additional information needed.

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